Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pasar Triwindu | Solo | Indonesia

I read about Pasar Triwindu, a market specializing in Indonesian antiques, before my trip to Salatiga. Since I had absolutely no agenda on my trip, I decided to roadtrip to Solo and check it out. In case you are thinking of visiting the market but have yet to find the exact location, you are not alone! This place was as elusive as the fountain of youth; everyone had written about it online but there was not an tangible piece of proof to be found. It is located on Jalan Ronggowarsito. If you're unsure of where exactly that is, begin at Solo Square Mall and turn left at the 7th stoplight (directions courtesy of the kind parking attendant at the mall). I didn't find any hidden treasures but did enjoy looking at items of bygone eras. The upper level seemed to house more authentic antiquities. It is definitely worth a gander if you are in the area!

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