Monday, January 27, 2014

The Color Run | Jakarta | Indonesia

This weekend, we joined thousands of runners at Parkir Timur Senayan to participate in Jakarta's first Color Run! While we were waiting at the starting line, I took out some powder I've been saving from Holi Day in India to kick things off. After throwing it up in the air, one guy looked sad that he got some pink on him and said, "I didn't want to get any on my shirt;" boy was he in for a suprise! As this was the first run in Jakarta, the crowd was buzzing with energy which made this a particularly exciting venture to be a part of.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jalan Surabaya | Jakarta | Indonesia

After scouring Google, TripAdvisor, and every obscure travel blog I could find to choose an outing for our midweek holiday, I came to the conclusion that I have thoroughly and satisfactorily experienced all there is to "do" in Jakarta. The last remaining thing was a street market called Jalan Surabaya. Known for it's selection of antiques and trinkets, along with outlandish prices, Jalan Surabaya provided a nice reprive from our daily routine. Since my haggling skills are a bit rusty, I only came away with a vintage Dutch Bible, complete with beautiful illustrations and a touch of mold. Although the market might get overwhelming, it is well worth the visit if you have time to dedicate to searching the nooks and crannies!