Sunday, June 22, 2014

School | Glow Party

The last day of school is generally surreal. Even though you've spent the last two hundred (ish) days investing in these kids and watching them grow, this day marks the end. And that, is sometimes hard to get your head around. Yes, if you're staying at the same school you might see them around the halls and exchange a hug or a hello, but it simply will not be the same.

This year, to mark the occasion, I have been secretly hoarding 100+ glow sticks in anticipation of the event. I learned from last years glow party that glow sticks have tiny shards of fiberglass inside, which kids generally do not enjoy receiving straight in the face so, while keeping the theme of the party secret, I asked the kids to bring their swimming goggles on the last day of school. They didn't quite understand why they would need them if they also didn't need their swimsuits but that just added to the mystery!

Though there are a variety of games that can be played while glowing in the dark, I have found through trial and error that simply cutting off the ends of the glow sticks and flicking around the (non-toxic) contents is more than sufficent for any age group to have an great time! (Bonus tip, procuring a blacklight makes things even more awesome; unfortunately they are hard to come by in Indonesia).

Thursday, June 12, 2014

School | When I Grow Up

I normally like to keep posts chronological but in honor of the last day of school, I thought it was appropriate to post the future careers of these cute kiddos. From fairies to bosses to handsome boys, these kids have some creative aspirations! Love you guys!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

School | Splatter Paint

Our final Unit of Inquiry in kindy is How We Express Ourselves. During this unit, we have been exploring different forms of the arts and their connections with literature. In conjunction with reading the book Olivia, we followed in her footsteps and took up our paintbrushes to splatter!