Monday, January 30, 2012

School | Nissin and Coca Cola Field Trip

Today, I hit an important landmark as a teacher: my first field trip. Fortunately, Ibu Maria, the Indonesian instructor, arranged for the whole thing and I just got to go along for the ride! Our first stop was the Nissin Biscuit factory in Ungaran (somewhere between here and Semarang). Pardon the rough quality of this picture, I took it while some of my girls blocked for me and the guard accompanying us was looking the other direction (I momentarily felt like a spy on an espionage mission :)

You know that saying about a kid in a candy store? It should be changed to the kid in a biscuit factory. After asking a plethora of questions ranging from the annual salary of a worker to which biscuit was best, the kids made their way to the shop and managed to purchase enough to last them well past Valentine's Day.

Of course, after buying so many biscuits, crackers, and wafers (pronunced waffers) the kids needed something to wash it down with, so we headed to the Coca-Cola factory.

After an unlimited flow of Coke, we watched several promotional videos (entirely in Indonesian) before heading to the factory floor. Before I was told to stop taking pictures, I snagged this shot of the bottling process (which is quite different here since mostly glass bottles are dispensed, recycled and refilled). In the top right corner, you can see the two-story dishwasher...pretty cool!

 Planning ahead for my unrational fear of vomit, I bribed the students in my car with a prize if all of them made it back without puking. It worked for my car but unfortunately for the bus the temptation of endless soda and cookies was too much to bear and four went down on the ride home. And now, since the bell has rung, I'm off to a much-needed shower and nap!

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