Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year | Solo City | Indonesia

Here in Indonesia, Chinese New Year is a national holiday which resulted in our third consecutive three-day weekend. Because my roomate's sister was coming into town (hint hint Haley) we decided to make a weekend of going to pick her up. Since none of us had spent much time in Solo, that's where we flew her into. I spent the majority of our weekend here, by the pool:

Yes, in January, I spent the weekend by the good perk of living on the equator! We went to several malls and saw not one but TWO movies in a real theater!

We also got to see some Chinese New Year celebrations and try some new, yummy treats. My favorite one we dubbed "The Bun". I have no idea what the actual name is but I was also able to sample one of these sweet and savory treats in Hong Kong. It's basically a white, sticky bun filled with a variety of savory and sweet choices. I have experienced both barbecued pork and choclat (which was actually red bean) but the latter of the two was my favorite:

We were fortunate enough to see the Solo Fashion Show, which featured come pretty interesting apparel:

Her hair was quite possibly my favorite but unfortunately, it got cut off in the picture. More interesting, perhaps, were her shoes. Platform gladiators, minus a stiletto or any form of heel. Pretty impressive that the models were able to make it down the runway in those!

I leave you with one more final image from the poolside, for all of you who are stateside and will hopefully experience some real winter-weather soon!

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