Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm a Pepper!

Rumor began circulating around Salatiga, early last week, that Dr. Pepper had landed in Salatiga. I was skeptical for several days until two of my colleagues showed up at recess, drinking Dr. Pepper!

Apparently, it was being stocked at Toko Jimmy's, which I have heard about since my arrival but never visited. After recieving a make-shift map (streets aren't labeled anyways) I drove to the outskirts of Salatiga, where I saw a small white sign on a moss-covered fence, indicating I had found the alley leading to Jimmy's. Toko Jimmy's is literally in the living room of someone's house BUT check it out!:

Yes, that's a 12 pack...and it only cost $12. Yes, $12. And worth every penny :)
I was so excited, I had to do something special:

Also, equally as rare as Dr. Pepper, was a package of pork (yes, pork!) bacon in the freezer section. Since the pig is considered unclean in the muslim faith, pork products are rather difficult to come by here. Two homeruns in one day. Despite it's location, Jimmy's is definitely on my regular shopping route now!

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