Monday, November 21, 2011

The Tim Tam Slam

The Tim Tam Slam has recently become a trend amongst the single teachers at Mountainview, thanks to our new intern, Abbey. What is a Tim Tam Slam, you might ask? Well...

Meet....the Tim Tam.

In essence, the Tim Tam is a chocolate wafer cookie sandwiched using a chocolate/vanilla filling, coated in more chocolate. Delicious? Yes.

Although popular in Australia (and apparently every other area in the world), the Tim Tam hasn't quite caught on in America (although I can't see why not!)

The Tim Tam comes in a variety of flavors, any of which can be used for the Tim Tam Slam.

I could attempt to explain the Tim Tam Slam but this guy is more entertaining...

Except for his execution, this guy does a pretty good job. Technically, instead of biting off ends of the Tim Tam, you should bite off opposite corners, which leads to better straw-action.

In short, buy some Tim Tams. Make some coffee. Do a SLAM!

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