Thursday, November 10, 2011

Animals of Thailand

Apparently elephants are big fans of sugar cane (and pretty much anything else they could fit into their mouths....bamboo, bananas, tree branches, coconuts doesn't matter). Hold it in front of them long enough and you can get some really fun shots!

While I was sitting on the table with this one, another cub came over and started poking him with his paw. I witnesed a real-life cat fight happen right in front of me! The other tiger (not this cutie) actually bit my leg a little bit. I survived a tiger bite. 

Jan was a bit skiddish around the tigers, something about them being dangerous...

These were the elephants we got to ride through the jungle. We got a bonus elephant that tagged along. He was pretty much the cutest thing ever. He would run off through the jungle then try to rip down a piece of bamboo that was twice his size. He was very persistent.

This incident resulted in a crazy picture and a trail of elephant slobber running down the back of my hair. Luckily, Sondra had the clean-up covered. After he put the hat on my head, the elephant took it back and patiently waited for me to deposit a tip in his trunk/ snout/ nostril. He was kind enough to wave thank you.

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