Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Street Legal!

I am officially a legal driver. As of Friday, I have a driver's license and license plates. 

During the time that my kids were in specials on Friday, I went to the police station and got my picture taken and my fingerprints scanned for my drivers license. In the two months that I have been here, I have had my fingerprints taken more than I have in the rest of my 22 years of life!

I've had the license plates for about a week but they came without holes or any way to attach them to my bike. So Friday after school, Ellie and I drove down a little side street to a sketchy little shack to get them fitted to my bike. It went like this:

The whole process took about an hour. While we were waiting, the friendly neighborhood rat was kind enough to entertain us by running back and forth along the wall outside the back door.

I went to Semarang again on Saturday because the nearest Apple retailer is in one of the malls there. Early last week, I managed to kill my iPhone. It wasn't pretty...

Fortunately, it still works. Unfortunately, each time I've dropped it since then (yes, it has happened) a small shard has fallen out. The guys at the Apple place hooked me up with a super-thick screen protector and so far, so good!

I took a bit of video while I was driving back so that you could see what the traffic is like here. The internet isn't quite fast enough to upload it from my house so I'll see what I can do from school tomorrow. For those of you who thought that I was a bad driver in America, wait till you see what I can do in Indonesia. But for tonight, I'll leave you with this picture that I took while I was on a drive this afternoon:

I still can't believe that I live here :)

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