Monday, September 12, 2011

Packages Are The Best

Sorry the updates have been so sporadic lately. Between the break and getting everyone caught back up, it's been a little crazy here. I promise to get back in the routine soon! In the meantine, many of you have asked where/ how to send packages here (American goodies area always appreciated :), so to let you know, I asked my friend to help me out:

If you can't read that, it's:

Sekolah Internasional Mountainview
JL. Nakula Sadewa Raya #55
Salatiga Jateng Indonesia
Attn: Lauren Irons

Basically, anything can get through customs, just make sure to label it as a "gift" because I've read that things can sometimes get taxed at 100% of the value, once they get here, yikes!

Things are going well here, just very busy. I went out for a ride on my bike on Saturday, without a specific destination in mind and ended up riding all the way to Semarang. Here's a map to put that in perspective (thanks Google Maps):

Don't worry, I have been there on at least 3 occasions, as it is one of the closest major cities to where I live and the highway goes straight there, so there wasn't much chance of getting lost. Despite a few buses that tried to run down every biker in their path, I made it back in one piece, as a very dark shade of red.

I also just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have sent messages and emails and who have taken the time for a skype date, it means a lot and I love to hear how things are going back in the States!

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