Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gili Cooking Class | Gili Trawangan | Indonesia

While passing through the island square, we noticed a new venue offering Indonesian cooking classes. I had previously done one in Morocco and Grace had done one in Vietnam so we knew it would be enjoyable. Should you find yourself on Gili T anytime in the near future, I would highly recommend stopping by Gili Cooking Classes for an evening of good food and laughs!

We began by making klepon, a sticky rice ball filled with palm sugar and rolled in coconut.

Then we moved on to our second dish, peanut sauce which we paired with freshly friend tempe (fermented soy bean loaf). 

Some local flavor  was up next with ayam taliwang.

Mie Goreng was followed on the menu. Although I have lived here for two and a half years, I've never cooked this Indonesian staple. It was delicious fresh and hot out of the pan!

Our last dish, ayam kari, was another that is tweaked to regional taste all over Indonesia.

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