Thursday, March 7, 2013

School | Soccer Carnival

It's exactly like it sounds: soccer and carnival. School was cancelled yesterday in an effort to promote school bonding through spirit, fun, and competition. Our day began with a pep rally. Since they are only a trimestral occurance here, people tend to go a bit over the top! The theme for this pep rally was superheroes. Our house team cheer involved a fashion show and the Harlem shake. It was awesome.

After the pep rally, we headed out to the field for some of the most unintense soccer I've ever witnessed. Sporting events here are the anthesis of sporting events in America. Several times, the ball came to a stop in the middle of the field and rather than chase the ball, both teams simply stared. But, with pizza and french fries fueling the activities from the sidelines, it was no wonder the kids were a bit sluggish!

During the games, a carnival was going on to entertain the spectators. Nothing is ever underdone here. Vendors were selling their wares while teachers took the plunge in the dunk tank. We even had blow up balls rolling around in the pool!

The day finished off with some real competition: the teacher match. I have not been that physically active in quite some time which left me (embarassingly) rather sore this morning. Merapi came in second overall! Thanks to Grace for capturing the match!

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