Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Old Batavia | Jakarta | Indonesia

Saturday was a big day. After living here for seven months, I have finally found a part of Jakarta that I enjoy! But first, let me backtrack. If you have not heard of geocaching, check it out. Right now. In summary, geocaching is like a real-life treasure hunt. The premise is simple: people hide objects, you find them. By downloading the GPS coordinates on your phone, you can navigate your way to the hidden locale. There are also ciphered clues to aide you in your quest. It was in search of one of these caches, in a part of Jakarta called Old Batavia, that I set out Saturday morning.

Old Batavia is an area of Jakarta which was inhabited by the Dutch. Decrepit colonial buildings line the roads, a nod to the area's former beauty. I parked on the outskirts of a pedestrian plaza to investigate the area. Peddlers lined the path while performers wove in and out of the bystanders. Locals enjoyed es kelapa muda (young coconut) under trees while picnicking. 

After touring the area, I followed the gps coordinates to this building. It was incredible. I had to sneak in, in order to find the cache. The building is frequently used for photoshoots and after peeking around, it was easy to see why!

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