Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Around The World

So my friend Janis, who was my roomate in England last year, is teaching first grade in...Rockwalll (I think, I'm a horible friend!). Anyways, she sent me an email last weekend because her school is doing a unit on Christmas around the world and being that I am literally, around the world, asked my class to help out. I put together this video, although with the internet speed, it might actually be Christmas by the time it gets there! Unfortunately, the 6th graders were a little bit loud outside but I think it still gets the point across!

In other holiday news, I will be at LAX two weeks from this very moment! I am so excited to be back in America, speaking English and feeling a chill! 

Here are the results of our classroom christmas decorations.
My tree lost it's leaves and magically turned into pine tree so we could decorate it.

But I went to Ada Baru one afternoon and couldn't resist buying a real tree for the room anyways (and by real, I of course mean plastic). Anyways, it has rainbow lights (real classy, they flash) and everyone got to write their name on an ornament.

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