Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hanging Graves | Tana Toraja | Indonesia

Torajan houses are commonly referred to as "boat houses". This nomer of course references the obvious shape of the roof. Now commonly constructed out of wood, original Torajan homes actually incorporated dismantled vessles into their designs. As mentioned in my previous post, water buffalo are an important component of life in Toraja, and as such, the pinacle of the roof is also recognized as symbolizing the horns of the animal.

Similar to the graves in Lemo, we viewed yet another cliffside burial site. This site varied, though, in that while some graves were carved into the rock face, others featured an elaborately carved wooden coffin suspended from the side of the cliffs. Over time, the wood has decomposed leaving an array of human remains scattered around the base. Local belief holds that the higher one is burried on a cliff, the closer they are to paradise.

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