Friday, June 6, 2014

School | Photo Walk

My good friend Grace teaches the Senior School photography class at SPH. For the end of their course, they went on a photo walk outside of campus and I got to go along as "supervision". We walked a few minutes down the road to a spot where you can walk through the cement wall that separates our cushy life in Karawaci from the surrounding rice fields and villages.

There are immediately visible drastic differences between either side of the wall. We followed the pavement for awhile before opting to venture down a dirt trail.

About half of the group turned back because it was muddy but I forged ahead with the other half of the guys and was so glad that we did! After a few more minutes of walking, we were out of the rice paddies and in a kampung. After the initial shock of seeing a group of random strangers emerge from the foliage, the villagers were very friendly and we soon amassed quite a following!

I'm generally pretty shy when taking pictures of strangers and I've always thought that if I just had more language, it would certainly be a less awkward experience but I found out that that is probably not the case. The students I was with retreated to the side of the road in hushed whispers. It took me a few minutes to realize that they were faltering because probably don't have much experience in such a situation. After a period of coaxing, they got over the uncomfortable giggles and started interacting with the kids which was pretty cute to witness.

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