Saturday, April 12, 2014

Nagrak-Cilincing | Jakarta Timur | Indonesia

Remember the the trash dump? We went back. Blue skies and the ripe stench of refuse greeted us as our mammoth sized bus made it's way down the one lane, semi-flooded dirt road to the kindergarten and medical clinic.

Knowing what to expect, my senses were not overwhelmed this time as we disembarked from the bus. The usual suspects were waiting to greet us. Yes, these kids live in a landfill, and yes, they all have cell phones (which they are not bashful about using).

The area was the same with one exception. Due to heavy rains and oversize, overweight trucks frequently passing through, the road in front of the kindergarten was one giant, rancid puddle. This didn't stop the party though, but rather caused a relocation.

Though I love to photograph local life, I am often shy about actually getting out and doing it because of stares and the language barrier. Outings such as this are perfect because I have the security of familiar faces and translation nearby but I also have the freedom to roam around. Here are some beautiful faces:

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