Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lombok | Indonesia

This year's lebaran began with a day trip to the island of Lombok. The more pristine, less-touristy neighbor of bali provided plentiful relaxation after we had woken up at 3 am to catch our flight!

After spending some quality time at the beach, we met  up with our tour company to head across the island to board our boat. In general, I am strongly against organized tours for several reasons. 1) You don't have time to explore because you are keeping with someone else's schedule. 2) You have to listen to long boring speeches containing information which you most likely will not remember later. 3) You are treated as a herd of cattle, poked and proded from location to location, and are generally stuck on a tour bus instead of transporting yourself in a more appropriate way (such as by motorbike). However, due to the remote nature of our destination, it was necessary this time around to join a tour. We drove through tobacco and rice fields to tour a local kampung and saw how the infamous Lombok pottery is created!

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