Monday, June 3, 2013

School | MSL Finale

As previously posted, our grade 3 has partnered with a local TK called Bina Benih Bangsa as our Mission & Service Learning for this year. We have visited their school and invited them to ours several times. Since it's almost summer (hallelujah!), we scheduled one last get-together to celebrate the year. My class partnered with kindergarten and as such, completed a craft centered on Eric Carle. After that, we headed out to the kindy playground (where I will be spending copious ammounts of time next year :) and had some bonding time.

The kids came with shiny shoes, clean hair and smiles on their chubby cheeks. At times, it was difficult to imagine the circumstances that they had come from because, in general, they seemed like happy, healthy kids. It wasn't until we ate lunch at the end of our time together and one of the young boys washed his disposable plate and spoon before putting them in his backpack to go home that the fullness of our blessings was completely evident. 

I was also particularly impressed with the growth I have seen in my students over the course of this year. The first time we gathered together, I felt that even superglue could not keep my students with their partners. This final time, however, I found myself enjoying the interactions I witnessed instead of constantly questioning the location of various partners. It was an enjoyable yet exhausting day which also led to a lovely reflection in our class on the role of parents, teachers, and nannies. I think they're finally catching on to the fact that perhaps our job as grown-ups is about a bit more than making rules that they have to follow :)

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