Thursday, April 11, 2013

Marrakesh | Morocco

From Fes, we began an eight hour journey by train to the backpacking capital of Morocco, Marrakesh. After spending most of our time in Fes in the old medina, we wanted so see some nature. Our first stop was Le Jardin Majorelle. On the way, we got our first taste of Moroccan deception from what looked like a helpful local who offered to show us the way to the garden. Upon arrival, we gave him a tip for his assistance but of course, that wasn't enough. He asked for more than the amount that we paid for a day of motorbike rental for a five minute drive. After offering to fetch a member of the local police to settle the matter, he promptly backed away. We quickly learned to always be on guard! On a happy note, this garden is well-known for inspiring Yves Saint Laurent. This botanical beauty even features it's own shade of cobalt blue, Majorelle Blue, which is used widely within the compound and named after the original creator of the space.

Having enjoyed some time in the sunshine, we opted to visit another garden on the outskirts of town. This one featured olive and lemon groves. We even found some furry friends to show us around. Personally, I have never cared for olives, black or green. But, I had also never eaten one fresh off of a tree. They were absolutely delicious! 

The remainder of our time was spent in various markets and the old medina, as well as a lesser-known museum off the beaten path. My gps wasn't quite sure where Musee Tiskiwin was located and it took several locals to pinpoint it for us. Dutch anthropologist, Bert Flint, decided to share his personal collection of African artifacts with the world and though small, it is well worth the visit!

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