Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dubai | United Arab Emirates

I decided to take a different route home for Christmas holiday this year because airline tickets are getting ever more expensive and my usual route was sold out unseasonably early. This was my first time flying Emitates and they have won my loyalty for future international travel. This was hands down the best, most enjoyable long distance haul I have flown to date!

The downside to flying Emirates is that in order to get to your final destination you must stopover in Dubai. The upside is that Dubai is awesome and if your layover is longer than 8 hours, Emirates furnishes a hotel room with meals, in essence, paying for a mini vacation! During my 22 hour layover, I had time to take a car around to see the main sights of the city:

And I still had time left over to take a desert safari which included sand-duning (awesome!), camel riding, and dinner at a bedouin camp. If you're ever passing through Dubai, I would highly reccomend a ride in the desert!


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