Monday, November 26, 2012

School | Dump Field Trip

The second part of our natural resources field trip took us to the town dump. I was really crossing my fingers that the torrential downpour that began at the clay mine would continue therefore cancelling our visit here but alas the sky cleared. The rain did however supress the normal scents one would expect to find at a dump.

The owner (?) of the dump (who lives on site along with many of the workers and their families) pays for each shipment of garbage. It is then sorted through into things that can be recycled and sold and things that should be burned. Previously, the third grade had gone to the Lippo version of this but I was unable to attend due to professional development. Apparently there is quite a contrast between how the two businesses are run. I don't know if I've ever actually been to a dump before but this was an eye-opening experience that will make me think twice before throwing away another plastic bottle!

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