Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bunaken | Indonesia

After feasting for a few days in Manado, we headed across the bay to an island called Bunaken, famous throughout Indonesia for it's rich coral reef and scuba diving. It's about 8 square km and there is but one semi-paved, palm tree-lined road running through the center of the island.

This is the hotel that we stayed at, Cicak Senang (happy gecko). It was definitely more rustic than I was anticipating but it got the job done. By rustic, I mean that we stayed in a wood cabin without air conditioning or hot water and consumed rice and fish for every meal.

Upon our arrival, we decided to explore the island. While looking for some locals to rent motorbikes from, we ran into this lovely bunch throwing quite the bash in their backyard. We weren't exactly sure what they were smoking, drinking or offering us but we did manage to snag their motorbikes for a couple of hours!

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