Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Critters | Salatiga | Indonesia

Happy Indonesian Independence Day!
(No School!!!)

So I was going to do a tour of our house/ neighborhood on the blog today, but that can wait. Something far more interesting happened this morning.

I was drying my hair in our extra bedroom, as usual. After I finished, I needed to get something out of my suitcases that were stacked against the wall, so I moved them. I expected to find a bag of corn starch but instead, I found this lovely creature, staring at me:

Long story short, I screamed bloody murder (really, it was a scream worthy of a horror movie). Kriston, my roomate who is much braver than myself, came in to check out the situation and we decided to take action (I mean, who wants to wake up in the morning with that thing staring at you?!)

We tried to scare it so we could trap it and let Ibu Wasti dispose of it tomorrow, but he was a fast little guy! He ran across the room and hid behind the wardrobe. 
Can you spot him?

We're not quite sure where he is now, so for the time being, we opened the window for an exit route and  locked the door. We called for some reinforcement just to make sure that he wasn't dangerous. Apparently, they're not poisonous but you don't want to get bitten by one because they lock their jaws and you can't get them off of you...yikes! 

On a more pleasant note, I finally got the packages that were mailed from home right after I got here. So glad to finally have authentic Sharpies and working Expo markers (as well as a lifetime supply of Cliff Bars)! Thanks mom!

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